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Discover new guide for Roots Classic Mod at MC Wiki. This is a port of Roots mod for modern times. It is known as a “simple magic mod”, which is smaller than other magic mods. Examples: like Blood Magic and Thaumcraft 5.

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It includes Spells, which can be used to complete various tasks, such as creating “Earth Spike” and killing mobs. Similarly, Rituals can be used to complete quests such as time teleportation and monster summoning. All its features are recorded in Runic Tablet.

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Roots Classic Mod Feature

  • Create spell powder with natural ingredients.
  • Immerse the magic wand to cast magic
  • Perform magic rituals to summon creatures
  • Create tools
  • Create special armor.
  • Crafttweaker support to customize recipes (zenscript)
  • Ceremony
  • Spell powder

Roots is the Gate of the oldest version for modern times. I have previously reached out to Elucent as well as EpicSquid, the current maintainer of everything Roots, which is a fully authorized port.

For future versions of Roots, see also:

Roots 1 went through a lot of development when it was developed, many things were added and removed. Roots 2 is a brand new mod in many ways. This is the port of version 0.107 as seen in the classic video by Direwolf.

Roots Classic is one of the best mods that Minecraft Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

Update History

Version Date Size
1.19.2 Jul 18, 2022 538.31 KB
1.18.2 Mar 5, 2022 526.07 KB
1.17.1 Nov 5, 2021 553.70 KB
1.12.2 Jun 15, 2018 429.31 KB


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