Reliquary Mod

Reliquary Mod

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Reliquary Mod adds many magical items that allow players to transform more flexibly when participating in Minecraft. Please refer to the following article to better understand the wiki of this interesting mod board!

Reliquary Mod

Reliquary Mod for Minecraft

Players seem to be bored with the banality of playing Minecraft with classic tools. Therefore, Reliquary Mod has added new magical features that allow players to improvise more flexibly. With this mod board, your game world will become more open to a variety of different fields.

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The following are the outstanding features that this mod board provides:

  • Coin of Fortune – an item teleporting magnet that allows players to move faster to save time.
  • Hunter’s Handgun – a pistol that can be loaded with many different types of bullets to take down targets in one fell swoop
  • Hell Cup – a mobile lava storage, but it has the special feature of not causing too much damage to the player.
  • Interdiction Torch – a torch that lights the way for mobs within a certain range
  • Lilypad of Fertility – helps plants grow faster by absorbing nutrients
  • Nian Zhus – mobs can rely on this item to transform and hide from enemy pursuit.
  • Staff of the Sojourner – holds as many torches as possible within the player’s range.
  • Void Tear – an item with multiple stacks that allows players to organize their belongings neatly
  • Witherless Rose – a flower that does not wilt
  • Lucky coin – Pick up items and orbs quickly and easily
  • Hero’s medal – Works as a tank
  • Attacks mobs – includes a variety of effects including Tinkers
  • Bucket – helps to collect cow’s milk and store it
  • Sheep shears or cutting block
  • Push/pull mobs within range – Rending Gale in an appropriate mode
  • Works like an automated farm – Harvest Rod
  • Tome of Alkahestry allows some items to be copied. But they cost money, so be careful.
  • Reliquary includes a custom potion system that creates a variety of potions with different uses.

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