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Discover a new guide for The Bumblezone Mod Extra Bit Manipulation Mod Wiki. Bumblezone is a bee dimension that contains many brand new blocks related to bees! There are even quite a few structures to explore and you can get unique bee armor! If you’re lucky, you can find a special Honey Compass in certain buildings that will lead you to the Queen of the Bees.

The size itself is like the inside of a honeycomb, with huge walls lined up with water channels in between. Maybe you’ll even find a part covered with dimensional pollen or a canyon filled with giant honey crystals! Check out the Bumblezone progress tab for how to enter dimensions and what to do!

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In addition, you will find bees extremely protective of their honey in this space. If you mine a vanilla honey block, break a honeycomb block or get honey from it, or attack a bee, all the bees around you will get a large number of it buffs and will be VERY angry at you for now. Here you have the Wrath of the Beehive! But by feeding the honey bee or hive parents you have, you can calm them down. By feeding the bees or that spawning block, you get the Hive Protection which helps the bees defend you against anyone attacking you! You can weaken the bees in the settings if they are too strong, and you can strengthen them if you want to die.)

Note: If you suffer from severe trypophobia and have too many textures currently, you can go to the resource packs screen and activate the anti-trypophobia mod resource pack inside. the resource pack to the top. right to enable it.


Entering dimensions is super easy! Just throw Enderpearl at any Beehive or Hive (even modified ones work!) to get inside it and spawn in the dimension. You can also send yourself (riding a mob or vehicle) or any mob into space by using a piston to push the player or mob into a Honeycomb or Honeycomb block! (Make sure to surround the machine so the pistons don’t push the crowd aside instead of into the honeycomb block) To teleport out of the dimension you can dig down and fall below Y=0 (don’t worry, you won’t die because I’m sure of that) or climb above Y=256. And yes, you can ride a mob or vehicle to get them out of the dimension with you or you can push them out of repulsion to get them out of size. The mod will attempt to return the mob or player back to the original location and size they were in when they tried to enter the Bumblezone dimension. If a mob originating from Bumblezone tries to get out, they will be placed at 0,0 in the Overworld so you can find them.

Image showing how to enter The Bumblezone by a player throwing Enderpearl into the Hive


To access most of this mod’s configuration files, go to the configuration folder above the mods to find them. These configuration files will be applied to all worlds.

However, some of the customizations of this mod are in JSON so you only need to create a data pack to override those settings. In fact, some of the block tags used in this mod can be used to blacklist modified combs that are not imported into the dimension! Or change angry bee blocks and items! Be sure to look at the config file as well because there are a lot of options out there! Wiki can help here to see what to edit: (You can also check out the mod’s common/src/main/resources/data/ directory on GitHub to actually see the JSON files themselves)

There are several current configuration options for the mod. Some affect the dimension and allow you to control the brightness of the fog (forge config), what the dimension coefficient of motion is (JSON config), and whether escaping the dimension always returns you overworld instead of the previous dimension you came in or not (configuration spoofing). Various other settings let you customize the Wrath of the Hive effect, changing the duration of the effect and the distance the bees roam. and ramped up, how much the effect is for bees, whether Wrath of the Hive can be activated or not outside of The Bumblezone, showing the particles of the effect, or simply turning off the effect entirely. Lots of options! Take a look at the in-game configuration and JSON files and let me know if there are any configuration options that are extremely helpful for you while using this mod. 🙂

Also, fun fact! If you use a data pack to create a biome in the namespace ‘the_bumblezone’, this mod will be namespace-aware and create that biome in your dimension.

The Bumblezone Mod is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list

Update History

Version Date Size
1.19.4 Mar 19, 2023 10.76 MB
1.19.3 Dec 13, 2022 9.63 MB
1.19.2 Mar 2, 2023 10.27 MB
1.18.2 Mar 5, 2022 4.57 MB
1.18.1 Dec 20, 2021 4.26 MB
1.16.5 Jun 21, 2021 5.51 MB
1.16.4 Nov 9, 2020 419.16 KB
1.16.3 Sep 11, 2020 402.10 KB
1.16.2 Sep 2, 2020 399.46 KB
1.15.2 Feb 14, 2020 124.18 KB


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