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Discover a new guide for Actually Additions Mod Wiki. Additions Mod adds a lot of machines, tools, food and other gadgets. Like many other “industrial” mods, Reality Additions mainly uses RF energy to power its machines, but this mod also has its own generator and even machines that work without need energy.

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In fact, the Additions mod doesn’t add standard wires or tubes to control item logistics and energy flow – instead, the Additions feature features special blocks, like ESD or Phantomface. The capacitors in this mod work similar to the ones in GregTech rather than Heat Expansion. Blocks like Energizer, Enervator and 5 batteries are here to store RF and fill devices with it.

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Part of the main aspect Machines adds a new ore, Black Quartz Ore used in some recipes. It can be mined together with other ores manually using a Drill or automatically using a Vertical Digger. In fact, Additions has its own Ore-Doubler and Ore-Smelter, various generators, and lots of world interactive machines, such as the famous Block Placer.

Players will be supported in farming aspects including:

  • Increase the speed of the farm with Greenhouse Glass
  • Automatically feed mobs with Autoloader
  • Control blocks with Auto-Breaker/Auto-Placer,
  • Control fluids with Fluid Placer/Fluid Collector,

to grow new plants, such as Coffee or Flax, and craft Fertilizer using any food.

The food aspect of the mod adds a variety of foods – from normal Bacon to exotic Resonance Rice. 7 types of Jam can bring players useful support. In case the player wants to create custom “potions” – the mod will add a Coffee Maker to make it possible.

The instrumental aspect of the mod adds new armor and tools – Obsidian and Emerald can be used to craft musical instruments. With Crystals added by the mod, you can craft better tools out of Vanilla Iron and Diamonds, and use Redstone, Lapis Lazuli and simple Charcoal to craft the necessary ones. AIOT is a very useful multi-tool (combines all vanilla tools into one), also complemented by this mod.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.12.2 Jun 27, 2018 2.8 MB
1.11.2 Dec 28, 2016 2.4 MB
1.10.2 Oct 31, 2016 2.3 MB
1.9.2 May 20, 2016 1.8 MB
1.8.2 Jan 12, 2016 1.8 MB
1.7.10 Oct 31, 2015 1.3 MB

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