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Discover new guide for Divine RPG Mod at MC Wiki. Divine RPG Mod turns the world in Minecraft into the ultimate RPG experience that the developer has to offer. It has 8 new dimensions to explore, tons of bosses, mobs, weapons and armor.

It is extremely difficult. If you are looking for adventure and challenge, you will really love this mod! Not only that, it’s also great for builders as there are a lot of decorative blocks involved

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Divine RPG Wiki

Divine RPG Mod Wiki

This mod calls itself:

  • Mod Minecraft adds dozens of tools to a revolutionary game.
  • Weapons and armor sets
  • Hundreds of items and blocks
  • 115 crowd.

Much of the mod focuses on developing in an RPG style through a series of dimensions (including the Overworld, Nether, and End dimensions), killing mobs, and gathering dimension-specific resources to create weapons. gas, armor, tools and finally a portal to the next dimension. With RPG Immersion Pack, this is the core mod of.


Dravite Hills is the first Twilight Dimension that the player will come to. It also has the weakest mob of the 5 Twilight Dimensions. Despite that, players should not underestimate this dimension, as mobs are still quite powerful and can knock players out of the world. As Netherite Armor, you will need good armor. Also, it’s smart to have Angel Armor, as you can fly away from the crowds in this dimension.

To create a portal to Dravite Hills, Divine Rock is required. By using one stone and one Divine Shard, Divine Rock will be crafted. Divine Shards are drops from certain bosses: Ancient Entities, Watchers, and Ayeraco Tribes. The portal is made in the same way as the Nether gate, but from the Sacred Stone and is lit with the Twilight Clock.


Sometimes the portal will spawn far from the land and float. You should bring lots of blocks to create bridges.

The blocks generated in Dravite Hills are:

  • Dravite grass
  • Dravite dirt
  • Golden log
  • Dravite leaves
  • Twilight rock
  • Dravit . ore
  • Water

To move to the next dimension, you will need Dravite Fragments ; they are collected by crafting Dravite Souls or mining Dravite Ore. It takes 90 Dravite Shards to get to the next dimension, Azurite Forest, as it takes 10 Dravite Blocks. They can also be used to craft Dravite Armor, Weapons, and Tools.

Depth Augit

Augite Depths is the second after the last Twilight Dimension, the last being Vethea. It is lit by the Twilight Clock and entered through a portal made of Mythril Blocks. The mob inside is extremely powerful, it is necessary to equip high level armor and weapons, preferably with enchantments.


  • Death Snake
  • angry bunny
  • Twilight archer
  • Soul Stealer
  • Demon of Darkness
  • Augite Cadillion


  • Augite grass
  • Augit Dirt
  • Leaf Augite
  • Red wood
  • twilight rock
  • Augite ore
  • Ice


Iceika is a one-way that features a variety of ice themed weapons for trade and mobs. You need to have good armor, at least better than Realmite Armor before entering. This size is an endless forest with huge trees.

From the snow blocks in the 4×5 pattern of the Nether Gate, it is possible to enter Iceika by creating a portal. The gate is lit with the Twilight Clock.

Iceika has a merchant inside, which contains many naturally occurring structures. These merchants will exchange you for some non-obtainable items. There are also many dungeons to be found around Iceika below the surface.

This dimension is said to be not as difficult as Dravite Hills, but not impossible either. While Iceika has all hostile mobs, Dravite Hills has only one main hostile mob. You should craft Diamond Armor or better, Netherite Armor is a good choice.

There are some very annoying mobs that will tear your patience in this dimension. One will slow you down and the Ice Archer shoots powerful arrows very quickly. You should find a merchant, then see if one of your items can be exchanged for something better. If you happen to have Sandslash or a Slime Sword and you can get a Snowflake, the Snowflake can be used to upgrade. These new swords will help you get through the original dimensions like Dravite Hills. You should bring any improved swords to the merchant to upgrade them, if Iceika happens to be your first choice. You should craft Bedrock Armor if possible.


To get Snowflakes, look for underground dungeons where they can be stored. However, even in dungeons, Snowflakes are not easy to obtain.

Underground dungeons can be easily found and are similar to Overworld dungeons. They are made of what can only be described as Bedrock’s version of ice, except that it can be broken with explosions. The easiest way to cause an explosion is to try to sleep in bed, this trick works in all twilight. Inside the dungeon are several corridors and rooms with spawners inside. The floor is made of a unique material similar to moss

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