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Discover a new guide for Create Deco Mod Wiki. Create Deco leverages Create’s color palette to add several new trim types and production opportunities: including colorful brick variations, sheet metal, more beautiful metal bars, and more.

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Create Deco Feature

Create Deco Bricks


Tired of choosing gray stone or red clay bricks that will determine the color of your house? Now, with just a little dye, you can turn those dull clay bricks into lots of cool shades – Classic Red is still an option, but now, Light Blue, Yellow, Light Gray and Black appeared, in Blue, Dean, Pearl, and brick Dusk forms! Alternatively, throw a vanilla clay brick item into the blast furnace or lava particles from the Creator Fan to get the Corrosion Bricks with an old, tanned look.

Brick style:

All the interesting colors listed fully support alternate styles: short, long and even square. Alternatively, all of these can be mass-washed with the power of the Generator Fan to grow moss, or blown with a stream of lava particles to crack. Even better, all of these options can be turned into vertical stairs, walls, slabs and slabs using a Saw, Stone Cutter or Crafting Chair. That’s a big pile of Bricks!

Create Deco Metals

Sheet Metals

With the power of Stonecutting, turn the following Alloys into metal blocks:

  • Andesite plate
  • a block of Zinc
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Yellow
    Even Netherite.

They can also be made into stairs and load-bearing panels both horizontally and vertically. A budget-friendly way to get the stylish metal roof every factory needs.

Fancier Bars:

Vanilla iron bars had their day. You can now create metal bars from any of the metal materials mentioned above – and they all come in a “panel” variant, for a total of 14 new bar styles!

Metal door:

Grab a few Andesite, Zinc, Copper or Brass Alloy ingots and craft yourself a door to rival any fancy wooden doors your neighbors may have. They are explosion-proof and fire-resistant, and can be opened just as easily as wooden doors. Don’t like that? Smash a Redstone torch on it in your crafting grid and now the door no longer has a handle. Now it will only obey redstone, like an Iron door.

Mesh Fence:

A metal alternative to wooden fences, these are chain link fences. Four sheets of paper and two ropes will get you these three adorable blocks.


Tired of holding a Sneak while walking around the vertical beams of your factory? This is a sturdy slim piece of metal to stand on, with or without safety rails – smash them like that with a Wrench to configure them. They have a slightly elevated and flat shape depending on the location, so you can decide how close you want your feet to actually be to that lava bucket. They are made from a metal rod with diamond-shaped metal plates around it for reinforcement.

Cast Iron:

Don’t want to find an unbelievable amount of Netherite? Good news! we have a cooked, dark variant of Iron that shares the anvil’s palette! It shares all other metal blocks, but serves no special functional purpose other than to give your building a nicer colored metal block.

Create Deco Props


Need a currency for your server? Try the six types of Metal Coins offered here! Their convenient disc shape makes them easy to spot, and they can be made into a Stack of 4 if your wallet is tight. Need to store more assets, Scrooge? Try it underground – like snow but made of gold, placing a Coin Stack will start a stack that can stack up to eight Coin Stacks in a block. If you’ve ever wanted to pave a smooth stretch from the counter to your vault door, these would be great. There’s also no default conversion formula between metals, so it’s up to you whether you use them for separate denominations, factions, or something new!


Available in 16 lovely colors, these visual warning signs can be created by crafting a little dye onto the Iron Plate. Each color corresponds to a different symbol, allowing you to give plant personnel multiple warnings before they forget to sneak on the catwalk, stand too close to the Crusher Wheel, or fail to bring their Diving Helmet molten chocolate.


Flashlights are old news, the industry demands better light. They come in four handy colors and react with redstone controls. If you want them to stay without the redstone, you can right-click them to reverse their behavior.


Developer Talrey has also added Plates for Zinc and Netherite, and a Netherite Gold Bar, to bring these two metals on par with the other four: now featuring Cast Iron.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.19.2 Oct 3, 2022 2.6 MB
1.18.2 Apr 12, 2022 2.5 MB
1.18.1 Dec 24, 2021 2.3 MB
1.16.5 Aug 3, 2021 2.1 MB

Create Deco is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list


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