The wiki feature for Essentials Mod. This is a utility mod that greatly improves the Minecraft game, it has an extremely high configuration, and it adds features from item arrangement to decoration.

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Fertile soil:

The fertile soil supports farming. It has 10 variations for:

  • Wheat
  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Sugar beet
  • 6 Seedlings.

Crops can be grown on fertile soil just like farmland and they grow as if on hydrated farmland even without water. They also cannot be trampled.

The main feature of Fertile Soil is that at random intervals, if nothing grows on it, it will grow for free the crop corresponding to its type. Therefore, you do not need to plant again.

Obsidian cutting tool set:

The obsidian cutter kit is a handy way to collect obsidian quickly. Just right click on some obsidian to mine the obsidian and destroy the Obsidian Cutter Kit.

Essentials Mod Braziers:

With Charcoal, you can do many different things. An item can be added or removed with a right click or automation. Adding some water with the bucket helps to land the Brazier from a safe height and causes it to extinguish you if you stand on it.

Instead, adding lava will make it burn everything, so it can be used as a trash can for items that don’t burn the area.

A block of coal makes it burn, emitting light. It doesn’t use up all the coal. Similarly, a glowing rock also makes it glow at light level 15.

However, what’s more, interesting than the other effects is that if you put a block of salt in it, it will prevent witch spawning in a large area. It has a radius of 32 blocks by default. This requires the salt block add mod to be installed.

Classification funnel:

Sorting funnels work almost identically to normal funnels but with a subtle difference that has major ramifications. While a regular hopper handles extracting items after inserting them, a Sorting Funnel deals with extracting items before inserting them.

The reason this is important is that if you create a column of sorting funnels, with them all leaning against the inventory, the items will go into the first inventory, then the second. This does not happen with normal funnels. This means you can filter items.

If the top storage can only receive sand and the middle compartment only receives dirt and the bottom compartment takes anything, then putting soil, sand, and gravel in the top hopper will result in all the sand going into the top storage , all the dirt will go to the middle storage and all the gravel will go to the bottom storage.

Essentials Mod Slotted Chests:

The Slotted Chest is a chest the size of a double chest, and it has a very interesting workaround. When taking an item out of the slot, it will leave a ghost item.
You can switch clicks to Slotted Chests, but only if the item placement already has a matching item. To delete a ghost item, shift-click the item with an empty cursor.

Also, automation will respect ghost items, will only be able to insert into a slot if it already has a match, and when extracting items it always leaves a ghost item. This allows you to format your storage chests without fear of change or automation clicks ruining it.

Port extender:

Port expanders allow more item input/output to be attached to a block. By attaching it to a block, such as a chest, and orienting the Gate Extender so that the gray square on the front faces the block, anything attached to the Gate Extender will act as if it were connected to the block itself.

Devices that enter the Gate Extender mimic attach to the same side of the original block as they do into the Gate Extender, so if the hopper facing the top of the Gate Extender is facing the furnace, the hopper can insert items to the top of the Oven.

Lilypad Candles:

The Lilypad Candle is a decorative block that functions as a lilypad while emitting the same amount of light as a torch.

Item trough:

Item tray simplifies the vertical transfer of items.
There are two parts to the slide: the Item Trough itself and the Item Gate. If there is an inventory in the block space that the top item Chute Gate points to, the items will instead go into the inventory and will stop shipping items once it’s full.

Additional formula:

Essentials adds some recipes that can be turned off via configuration. It includes saddle and nameplate recipes, as well as a shapeless piston formulation that fits into a 2×2 grid and is about the same price.

Version Update

Version Date Size
1.19.2 Feb 13, 2023 1.12 MB
1.19.1 Jul 27, 2022 1.12 MB
1.18.2 May 19, 2022 1.10 MB
1.18.1 JJan 22, 2022 1.09 MB
1.17.1 Nov 19, 2021 1.09 MB
1.16.5 Jan 18, 2021 1.08 MB
1.16.4 Nov 1, 2020 1.08 MB
1.16.3 Aug 31, 2020 1.08 MB
1.16.2 Jan 30, 2021 1.08 MB
1.16.1 Aug 16, 2020 1.01 MB
1.15.2 Aug 3, 2020 601.37 KB
1.15.1 Aug 3, 2020 601.37 KB
1.14.4 May 30, 2020 595.64 KB
1.14.3 May 7, 2020 592.80 KB
1.14.2 Jun 22, 2019 592.80 KB
1.14.1 Feb 1, 2020 570.68 KB
1.13.2 Jun 22, 2019 261.13 KB
1.13.1 May 31, 2019 272.80 KB
1.12.2 May 10, 2019 187.67 KB
1.12.1 Jun 16, 2018 187.67 KB

Essentials Mod Screenshot:

Essentials-Mod-1 Essentials-Mod-2 Essentials-Mod-3

How to install Essentials Mods

Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge or Fabric API.

Locate the Minecraft application folder.

  • Open Run from the start menu.
  • Type %appdata%, and click Run.

Input where Essentials Mods you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.

When you open Minecraft, you see Essentials Mods is installed then click the button mods

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