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Emojiful Mod was released and added the feature of displaying emoticons to help players freely express themselves to their friends. Have you heard or know much about the wiki of this mod board? Let’s follow the following article to understand it better!

Emojiful Mod

Emojiful Mod for Minecraft

To give players the best entertainment experience, Emojiful Mod was born with the addition of different emoticons. It allows players to freely choose in any situation. The emoticons it adds are also very diverse.

Besides, this mod board also integrates the feature of typing text and then displaying the corresponding emoticon. But if you want to implement this feature, you need to clearly understand the methods and terms prescribed and arranged in the game. You also have complete peace of mind because the mod board has integrated instructions to help players easily access it more quickly.

For example, when you feel discord because of someone else’s playing style, you can type “thinking” into the status box. Soon the discord icon will show up on both the server and your friend’s machine. It signals to everyone about your thoughts and expressions at that time.

In addition to this mod board, if you want to experience more mod boards with the trap feature using doors, you can refer to and download the Double Doors Mod right away!

Mod type:

  • Cosmetic


The special features of this mod board are specifically as follows:

  • More diverse emoticons such as sad, happy, angry, afraid,…
  • The player’s task is to type the correct term for the emoticon to display.
  • Special characters are also used when players want to express emotions.

Above is all the information about Emojiful Mod Wiki – Mod board adding more emoticons at Best Minecraft Mods. If you love this mod board, quickly download it to your device to experience it immediately!

Update History

Version Date Size
1.20.1 Jul 30, 2023 290.79 KB
1.19.3 Jan 11, 2023 289.73 KB
1.19.2 Aug 6, 2022 237.26 KB
1.19.1 Aug 1, 2022 237.42 KB
1.18.2 Apr 3, 2022 237.90 KB
1.18.1 Dec 6, 2021 237.90 KB
1.17.1 Oct 9, 2021 237.90 KB
1.16.5 Jan 2, 2021 233.73 KB
1.16.4 Nov 2, 2020 233.56 KB
1.16.3 Oct 6, 2020 233.33 KB
1.16.1 Aug 31, 2020 231.74 KB
1.12.2 Sep 16, 2018 178.06 KB


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