Genetic Animals Mod

Genetic Animals Mod

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Genetic Animals Mod is an exclusive mod board where the animals included here all have genetic genes and can be transmitted to offspring from the mother. If you need to learn about the wiki of this mod board, please follow our article immediately to better understand it!

Genetic Animals Mod

Genetic Animals Mod for Minecraft

In the past, normal animals did not have genetic genes. This makes players feel disinterested when the child they give birth to is completely different. Understanding this, this mod was born with the feature to help animals carry genetic genes. Therefore, when animals are born, they have similar characteristics to their parents. It makes your game world much more exciting. This will be an unforgettable experience if you try it.

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Below are the outstanding features that the mod board brings to players when experiencing Minecraft:

  • Animals that can have genetics include sheep, cows, mushrooms, pigs, rabbits, chickens, llamas, turtles, axolotls, etc.
  • Mooblooms are also the target of this mod table as they can contain genetics.
  • All domesticated animals carry genes passed on to their offspring, causing their offspring to have similar characteristics to their parents.
  • Animal bodies are configured in separate layers to help them adapt to environmental conditions better.
  • These animals will sleep before sunrise. This characteristic makes them more similar to humans.
  • Their basic food is grass, so the grass becomes increasingly sparse and poses challenges for humans.

Above is all the information about the Genetic Animals Mod – Mod board with interesting genetic features on animals in Best Minecraft Mods. It’s exciting, so download it right away to have a chance to experience it right away!

Update History

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1.18.2 Feb 4, 2023 9.68 MB
1.17.1 Jan 8, 2023 8.31 MB
1.16.5 Feb 7, 2021 9.79 MB
1.16.4 Oct 8, 2020 8.03 MB
1.15.2 Apr 25, 2020 10.23 MB
1.14.4 Sep 20, 2019 9.35 MB
1.14.4 Sep 20, 2019 9.35 MB
1.14.4 Sep 20, 2019 9.35 MB


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