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Discover a new guide for Gauges and Switches Mod Wiki. Redstone Gauges and Switches Mod adds gauges, pressure discs, style buttons, levers, timers and other devices to measure or “produce” Redstone energy to the game. Full documentation, feature details, credits, and community references are available on the GitHub project page.

Mod type:



  • Knot
  • Lever
  • Normal pressure plates (“contact switches”)
  • Shock sensitive pressure plates (“contact switch”, detect when something/something falls on it)
  • Entity detector (player, village, animal, mob, etc.)
  • Block category detector (e.g. “solid”, “ore”, “wood”, “sapling”, “farmland”, “water” (including rock), “liquid”, etc.)
  • Timer of the day (06:00 to 24:00)
  • Interval Timer (tick-based timer)
  • Light sensor (category “automatic switch”)
  • Rain sensor (category “automatic switch”)
  • Lightning sensor (category “automatic switch”)
  • Switch-Link Relay (optimized for wireless transmission)
  • Switch-Link receiver (optimized for wireless transmission)
  • Knock sensor (seismic detection when clicking or breaking an adjacent block)
  • Shutter switch (signaling and opening)


  • Analog/digital (displays redstone power from 0 to 15)
  • LEDs and beacons (“indicators”, display on/off)
  • Alarm light (also on/off)
  • Sirens and bells (“sound indicator”)
  • Sensitive glasses (glasses that emit light or change color)

Style variation

“Series” is for example: industrial, industrial vintage, rustic, antique, glass, etc. For a package, you can configure exactly which series you want to include and exclude (doesn’t mean there are futuristic glasses in the mystical medieval world, so just use the rustic series) fascia).

Special Features

All switches can be configured to weak/strong and invert/non-reverse using a redstone torch.

Most switches can be linked wirelessly to Ender Pearls.

The pulse duration of the nodes is configurable using the Redstone dust stack.

Some of the gauges you see and the switches you use may be colored with dye.

Some panels may react or ignore:

  • player
  • crowd
  • villager
  • animal
  • items, etc.

Source code, mod pack integration, backport, bug reporting


Placed on github:


If your mod pack has no installer and is also open source (eg add adware, bloatware or whatever) you don’t need to ask and just integrate this mod.

Bug Report:

Yes, please let me know. Drop the mail or better open an issue for the archive.


Mod version 1.12.

Update History

Version Date Size
1.19.2 May 28, 2023 979.0 KB
1.18.2 Apr 3, 2022 975.2 KB
1.18.1 Jan 3, 2022 879.9 KB
1.16.5 Jan 24, 2021 947.1 KB
1.16.4 Nov 7, 2020 850.9 KB
1.16.3 Oct 1, 2020 834.9 KB
1.16.1 Jul 4, 2020 834.4 KB
1.15.2 Feb 14, 2020 826.5 KB
1.14.4 Jan 25, 2020 824.7 KB
1.12.2 Aug 14, 2018 441.7 KB

Gauges and Switches is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list


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